Same job in two different reference frame

  • Hi all, I need to do the same job in two different reference frames. for example move robot drawing a rectangle with coordinate 0 0, 0 1, 1 1, 1 0, 0 0 but in two different user frame with different origin

    this is possible with yaskawa fs100?

    many thanks in advance

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  • Sure, a way is teach or calculate the position in a Position Variable. The Position Variable would be set up in XYZ based on a User Frame. Teach the other user frame. Use the CALL instruction with a Coordinate tag to specify which User Frame to use.

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    1. Create User coordinate frame. Don't forget to press COMPLETE when done.
    2. Write your job using position variables based in a user frame you just created.
    3. Create master job with a CALL to the job you just created.
    4. Create a 2nd user coordinate frame. This one is made for the second area you want to work in.
    5. Add another call to your job and reference the 2nd UF in the detail edit of the call. second to last option.

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