KRC4 Ethernet/IP mapping

  • Hello guys!

    I couldn't find a way to create a new thread, so Imma reply here cause the subject is related;

    I'm having difficulties mapping IOs on workwisual 6.0, with EL1008 and EL2008, I click on digital inputs/outputs and then in fieldbuss but the window to link the IOs to a channel does not appear I already tried to add a EL1809 to the topology but the same thing happens. I attached a print screen of a video that has the window I want to open and link the IOs to a channel.

    Any idea of what is wrong with this project or what am I doing wrong? Thank you

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    the red area shows I/O points available to selected device. this is controlled by device description file.

    Do you have the device description files installed on that machine? Anything that is not KUKA brand will not be part of the DTM catalog and you need to add it. Did you use this before on same machine? Maybe something is wrong with your WoV or DTM catalog.

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