Xrc-2001 key allocation on TR3c

  • Hello All,

    I’m working with my tr3c up-130/up-130/up-6 robot group and have a question about key allocation. In my system the master is the up-6 set up with a welder, with two up-130s set up with air grippers for handling.

    I have the air grippers set up with key allocation so I can hold interlock, press a key and trigger the grippers but this function will only work with the master robot selected. If one of the slave robots, those being the robots with the grippers are selected then I get a warning message “cannot use specific keys” I can’t find any mention of this in the manual and my motoman tech isn’t very familiar with the key allocate function. The message isn’t listed in the alarm list because it’s not actually an alarm just a warning. Does anyone have any idea of how to make the key allocate I/0 function operate regardless of the selected robot?



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