LoadIdentify Stops when entering Auto

  • Okay, my next Dumb ABB question: (IRC5, RW 6.12)

    I'm trying to run the LoadIdentify program. Everything seems fine up until I get the "switch to Auto" message. When I switch to Auto, turn the motors on, and hit Run... the robot clicks, as if it were about to start moving, but goes nowhere. And the program status says "stopped". If I hit Run several more times, eventually I'll get an error that the program stopped and needs to be started again from the beginning. There are no errors showing up when the program stops, and no messages that hint at why the LoadID program won't run after switching to Auto

    There has to be some stupid minor thing I'm doing wrong, but I've got no idea what.

    My Steps:

    1. Teach mode
    2. PP to Main
    3. Call Routine -- Load ID
    4. Run through the steps until the "Switch to Auto" prompt appears
      1. Select active tool, J6 motion angles, slow test of motions, set J4 to 0, known/unknown mass, Tool (not payload)
    5. release deadman
    6. Switch to Auto
    7. Acknowledge the "auto" message
    8. Motors on from front panel button (motor status changes to ON)
    9. Hit Run on the pendant
    10. Robot "clicks"
    11. Program Status never changes from Stopped
    12. Hit "MOVE" on the user screen prompt
    13. nothing happens
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  • UPDATE: Well, it's always the stupid little things.

    In this case, the PLC had code that, the moment the robot began executing in Auto, would "blip" the Program Stop signal for a fraction of a second. So briefly it was never visible in any of the monitors, but enough to kill the program execution faster than the TP screen could refresh.

    Once I got the PLC to hold that signal False, I was able to proceed with no issues.

    Note for the future:

    1. Program Stop does not cause any error log messages
    2. Just because it's an "internal" function of the robot, doesn't mean it's immune to non-safety I/O from the PLC. (that should have been obvious....)

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