KRC5 XF5 , XF6 ports

  • Good day everyone !

    i have a problem with connection to controller using Xf5 port (xf6 port works ok)

    as documentation says now we have TWO KLI ports (IN KRC5) , but what is the ip adress for XF5 and how we can configure it ?

    connecting Rj45 wire to XF6 results the same behavior as in KRC4 KLI port - we can see the controller in WoV , we can ping the controller by

    we can add additional virtual interface with ip address on it on Smartpad in Network Settings , and also can ping this address.

    BUT we can't do anything with XF5 , and there is no track in documentation how to make it alive

    2) KONI - optional network interface

    is it right that we need a option to activate this port on KRC5 , KSS 8.7 ?

  • on KRC4 there is only one KLI interface. many things can go through this interface at the same time. to connect more devices to it, one can add external switch. one can add virtual interfaces to it and each can have own network settings. KONI is Kuka Option Network Interface. Normally it is reserved for vision application.

    then KRC5 came out with switch integrated as standard. my understanding is that you get two ports but there is still only one KLI behind them just the way it always was. there is also option for conveniently repurposing KONI as something else.

    the question is what is it you want to accomplish? i mean other that assigning random network settings... what is the objective?

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  • Thanks for answer !

    the objective is to connect seam tracking sensor system , it has pc-based hardware , and communicates with KRC with simple ethernet connection.

    but there is siemens+profinet plc that we also have.

    the idea is to divide seam-tracking system network domain from profinet network domain, by conecting them to different ports and assigning ip adresses, WITHOUT using a network switch.

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