KR-C2 with a Siemens PLC

  • Hi guys !

    I have a project to connect a KR-C2 controller to an TIA Soft (in a PC) with a WinCC Advanced if it's possible...

    Anyone used this solution to communicate with this devices ?

    Can I use Ethercat to communicate ?

    Somebody can explain about the CrossCom ? What is it ?


  • KRC2 only contains hardware support for DeviceNet as part of the baseline controller. Any other communications busses require add-in interface cards. You need to look at what hardware your robot has installed.

    KRC2 never supported EtherCat, IIRC. DeviceNet, InterBus, and ProfiBus were well supported. Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet were supported near the end of the KRC2's lifetime, and had a reputation as being hard to work with.

    CrossCom, IIRC, is the virtual network inside the KRC that communicates between the VxWorks and Windows halves of the robot's brain. This should never be meddled with!

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