General conversion between different coordinate system types (KUKA, Fanuc, ABB, etc)

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  • Well, I'm back to this. Except now it's project-related, instead of personal interest. I need to convert a lot of points from Kawasaki to Fanuc.

    Back in this post , Jeremy said that RoboDK contains Python functions that convert each Euler "type" to/from matrix notation. I've found them, but... it's not entirely clear which function is for which (group of) robot brands. Some are called out explicitly -- the functions named pose_2_Fanuc and Fanuc_2_pose

    are pretty obvious. But there's nothing called out explicitly for Kawasaki.

    I think I've found it, though. In RoboDK proper, you edit a frame's "type" between multiple notations, and "Kawasaki" is grouped as so:


    Digging into the file turns up no functions labelled for Kawasaki, but does turn up one for Comau:

    Which is rather amusing, as the Comau routines are just a call to the Adept routines. Apparently no one ever decided to add a similar "alias" for Kawasaki?

    Now to see if I can actually get my weak Python skills to access those functions from my own external script....

  • @SkyFire

    you also may check post #35 (pose calculator)


    Here's a question: these only work for Right-hand-rule coordinate systems, correct? Kawasakis used to be left-hand, but there doesn't seem to an option for those older robots.

    Not that it really matters, as I'm working on an E-model controller (latest generation). So it should be right-hand, but now I need to find a way to confirm/deny that. Off to download the trial version of the Kawasaki simulator I go!

  • Actually I just remembered (back in 1990) KUKA used Siemens Sirotec RCM as Robot controller.

    The orientation was also LHR (Angle A: math. positive, Angle B: math. negative, Angle C: math. positive)

    (so it always was RHR- sorry for the confusion)

    They made the calculation using RHR and then inversed Angle B

    Could this be the same with your described problem?

    But as I said the was decades ago

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