Robotic Sanding

  • Hello folks and happy new year!

    We're looking for a sanding application in my company but it seems pretty complex.

    From our perspective we need :

    A vision system : To see where the sanding need to be applied ( weld seam ). It would probably give us information about the thickness of the seam aswell.

    Sanding tool : that one is obvious, but I'm a bit lost. I read through some sites, articles that there is a force sensor to be added. Now how that thing works is really what interest me.

    Anyway, I'm looking for some insight, informations I might've missed. Maybe you guys know some website or companies i'm unaware of that could help me.

    Thanks in advance!

  • you did not mention robot brand, type of part to be sanded (flat sheet or something very curvy with many crevices etc.)

    vision system is normally used for two things - inspection (such as dimensional check) and robot guidance. if i understand you are interested in sanding welded seams.

    one things about sanding tool is that it wears with use. this means the more hours it was in use, the closer to sanded product you need to bring it. doing this adjustment automatically can be done differently. in simplest case where paths are always the same one can try using counter. but this is not ideal. if the value is wrong robot may be not bringing sanding tool close enough or it can bring it too close and cause damage to part and the tool. this is why it is much better to have robot feel the contact force and adjust automatically on the fly. force-torque sensor is a 6D version of a load cell.

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  • Not sure if you're still looking for a solution, but we've done some work with Gray Matter Robotics out of California that has a vision/sanding solution that may work for you.

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