[KUKA] KRC <8.3 InlineForm point Conversion to KRC 8.5 and newer

  • Hello everyone,

    as you know kuka has changed the entry structure of fold during the upgrade from older KRC 8.3 to 8.5 and newer.

    I wrote a simple java program that can update the files *.src and *.dat, find the InlineForm of the "Point FOLD" [PTP, LIN and so on] and convert it in to the new InlineForm structure.

    After the upgrading you can reach again the adjust function without "hard" manually rewote the entire fold.

    If some one is interested please type me, we can barter the project!

    Happy Holidays,


  • AD
  • montanaro87

    Changed the title of the thread from “[KUKA] KRC <8.3 point Conversion to KRC 8.5 and newer” to “[KUKA] KRC <8.3 InlineForm point Conversion to KRC 8.5 and newer”.

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