IRC5 Multimove DeviceNet Trouble

  • Hello,

    We have an arc welding cell with two IRB1600 and IRBP R positioner, equipped with two MigRob 500 welding power sources and one BullsEye.

    Robots are from 2008. We've broken one devicenet card on Migrob 500. DN card on another power source works well.

    Now, once we turn robots on, occurs error that communication is missing and not possible to activate welding equippmnet at all.

    Considering that for the moment, we can operate with just one robot, is it possible to create robot system with one robot, one welding power source as well as positioner and BullsEye?

    Is it necessary to put the jumper at X8 or we need to do something else to skip only one robot with one migrob?

    Looking for ideas and suggestions.

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