CMOS.bin Failing to Load

  • We have an NX100 controller that we are trying to load a cmos backup back into. The cmos that we are attempting to load is from a sister robot with the same warranty id number. Any time we do this the system seems to load for a few minutes and then starts giving two codes on the NIF board. The first code is E-241-000 and the second is E-0051. Once these codes come up the upload never finishes. We have tried backing the other robot up several times and the backup appears to be successful. However, loading this file into the other robot always fails.

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    Are the robots the same model? Do the controllers have the same software version?

    The Warranty ID number should NOT be the same. Assuming United States, the last three digits should be different. That just means all the hardware was ordered at the same time.

    Are you using a CMOS.BIN file or the CMOSBK.BIN? Different ways to load based on what file is used.

    I don't see those exact flashing codes in the manuals. Is the NIF board that same part number and revision number between the controllers?

    There is very few reasons why you can't load a cmos from a NX100 into another NX100. I used to do that weekly to clone controllers.

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  • The robots are the same model. We lost NCP01 and had to swap to a new board and it does look like the software versions are different. The version in the robot the cmos is taken from is NS3.11.00A(US)-27 and the controller we are trying to load onto has version NS4.64.00A(US)-00.

    Talked to Yaskawa and they are sending me the NS3.11.00A(US)-27 version to load.

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