KLadder Communication Error

  • Dear Member

    I use the Kladder for programming the sequence with the spot welding assembly line in an automotive factory.

    when I use the monitor function for monitoring the ladder diagram the program has an error that appears as "Kladder communication error.(m)".

    some time can monitor but many times have the problem cannot monitor anymore.

    if someone has a solution about setting up for regarding the issue.

    please advise and thank you in advance.

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  • You will need to contact Kawasaki regarding this, as they create the application and if you are having random communication errors it may be a bug with the application or possibly down to PC settings/firewall/permissions/cable issues.

    Try using serial connection instead, this will be more stable especially if the Controller is also providing other ethernet connection connections such as TCP/IP etc.

  • Hi Kwasaki

    Now i handling the program via LAN Cable in tcp/ip connection and regarding problems issues occurred with this

    Oh via serial cable also have error problem

    I try to use read write program via serial cable it's to slowly, one cycle 2-3minute approximately

    And we change to Lan cable ok it's to faster but we have the problem about monitoring function is an error regarding issue

  • Serial will always be slower as the baudrate is set for tortoise speed.

    If you are getting connection errors with serial, then it will probably be the application itself and that application is a good 15 years old (at least) designed around windows 95

    You would be better to contact Kawasaki and inform them of the issue and see if they have a later version available/aware of this issue.

    Just how important is the monitoring, as monitoring is available on the teach pendant to a basic format.

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