SRVO-007 error only

  • Could a partially broken TP cable cause this?

    Machine was running and someone may have dropped the TP we have heard. However, the TP "seems" fine as the e-stop works on the TP.

    We depressed the TP and OP e-stop buttons and they came up on the screen and we are able to reset those.

    We have several other external e-stops, but those all are closed.

    We have four other r30ib mate and mate pluses running together. If we install a jumper that jumps two controllers ESPB2 to ESPB21 then you get the SRVO-270 and SRVO--007 error on one controller and the SRVO-007 error is cleared on all other (three) controllers, but the one with the SRVO-270 cannot run, so we bypass it. We take out the single jumper and all controllers fault with SRVO-007.

    SRVO-270 is not cleared with the RES_CH1 reset.

    Wires didn't change. All fuses are good. No green light on the e-stop board that has the 007 and 270 fault.

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  • Thank you. That is what it was. We swapped in another TP and cable and that cleared the error. I guess we were stumped when the TP and OP e-stop buttons worked and came up on the TP screen. New cable and TP and away we went.

    Thanks again.

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