Infeed Rate From Vision

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to determine the rate of good product coming into the cell based on what the vision finds (I don't care about ones that won't get picked because they didn't pass the vision check). I've done this before by pulling $PKSNACT[1].$NUM_FOUND but the problem on this system is that the camera is triggering frequently, and the belt is slow, so the same object is found multiple times. Any other suggestions?

    LR Mate 200iD

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  • Not all items are picked. The cell is overfed to keep the robots busy. We're trying to determine how overfed it is so that we can keep it to a minimum.

  • Hi, because if it wasn't irpicktool I wouldn't have any idea how the tracking is controlled

    Anyway, how long if your FOV (along the conveyor). Can you see or figure how many times you see the part ? Use runtime to view it. Maybe you are overshooting like every 1msec and you are taking 100 pictures of the same parts. You can see that the part is detected by the robot two or more times. The software will take care of the same picture in difference positions because on the encoder counts. For example , the job that we are putting together now , i see the part 3 times and is running fine

    So, in irpicktool check the trigger time.

    Retired but still helping

  • These aren't the exact number, but I think the're close. FOV is about 15", our parts are about 4" and we trigger about every 2". Keep from missing things that are only half in the window at certain points. But the N Found that is reported back is per trigger, so you get back a lot of duplicates. Like if 3 parts go by side by side, it will say 3, 3, 3, 3, until they're gone. Which the PLC is going to see as 12 or 15, rather that just the 3.

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