TCP/IP communication only for Fanuc R-30 iB Mate plus to Siemens PLC (S7-1500)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have been tasked with updating the communication protocols for a Fanuc LR Mate 200iD with the R-30 iB Mate Plus controller. The system we bought would pass single bytes through a connector to the next station, and we want to make it more robust with direct communication with the PLC via ethernet wires.

    Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any communication packages installed on the controller. I have been able to set up the basic network in TIA Portal, and can ping the PLC and the CPU from the teach pendant successfully. However I am lost on how to send data between the two using TCP/IP or another (free) method.

    If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know! I am fairly new to this, so sorry if I am missing something obvious! I attached a picture of my I/O menu, where I should supposedly find communication packages.


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