ABB S4C Plus -- Startup in progress and counting..

  • S4C Plus and IRB 2400...

    When the power is turned on, it starts with the "Startup in progress" screen and counts. The LED on the power supply is green. Looking at the forum, I took out the CR2032 battery and measured 2.95V... I changed the battery anyway. But the problem was not solved. We do not have backups. Please help me. :loudly_crying_face:

  • Go to this thread

    Your boot image is corrupt. Do you have the paperwork which has the keystring for the system? It is need to rebuild the robot system using robinstall. Then you will be able to download the recreated system to the controller. If you do not have the keystring you will need to contact ABB to see if they have a record of it. Provide them with the system serial number.

  • Did you try another teach pendant?

    Watch the LEDs on the computer CPU board; does the enable LED come on?, does the yellow LED (hard drive) flash when it attempts to boot when first powered on?

    As an FYI - the 2032 coin cell battery simply maintains the date & time and has nothing to do with programs or other issues.

  • Hello skooter, yes led is blinking when booting...

    Thank you Lemster, ı have no paperwork.. Actuallay ı am new for S4C+..
    I have never deployed S4C+ before. I have no idea how to get it. I'm trying to research and learn.

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