FTP connection to Roboguide no longer working

  • For the last 7 years, I've been using filezilla to connect to the roboguide robot controller using as the host, plain FTP, and anonymous for the logon type. All of a sudden after rebooting my laptop this afternoon, I'm now getting a "530 Incorrect password" error. Nothing has changed in my settings. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?

    Typing into a browser pulls up the robot web server; restoring older save points has no effect.

  • When this happened to me, it was another program (not Roboguide) that created an FTP server at with the same port that Roboguide was using. So when I tried to FTP to Roboguide I was actually connecting to a different FTP server.

    I looked in my Windows Services and found the other FTP (I think it was FileZilla) service running.

  • If you right click on the controller, and go to properties. All the way at the bottom of the block of text is a list of ports the robot controller is listening on. Useful for when you have multiple robots in a cell.

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  • TitusLepic

    I was (first time) playing with FTP and Roboguide a couple of weeks back and yes.....port 9125 was required.


    This is exactly what I used to find this out.

    This property area is great to know when troubleshooting roboguide connectivity issues.

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