Cubic-S on Multi-Axis Controller

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    Has anyone used Cubic-S on a multi axis controller? I need to set up a welding application with external axis that are too big for the E32 controller to power them while also powering the robot, hence I need to use an additional controller just for those three additional axis. I would like to use Cubic-S on those, but I had heard that Cubic-S doesn't work on a multi-axis controller. I went through the CS manual, and I did find that it won't work with Mitsubishi drives, but nothing about a multi-axis controller. I'm wondering if perhaps I use Sanyo motors it will work. Has anyone encountered this before?


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    You bet, I'll certainly try...the current plan is to use a six-axis robot to weld a very large bulldozer weldment. We are going to have two weld stations, each with a HSTS that needs to be powered by their own external axis (servo). The robot itself will be mounted on a pivot boom to switch between the two weld stations. Similar to how you can do on a FANUC, we'd like to use Cubic-S to monitor position and speed (safety in general) for the axes that are running both HSTS units as well as the pivot boom. The issue we are running into is that the reach required for the application means we need a bigger robot which uses so much power on the E32 controller that there isn't enough left for that controller to power the large servos needed for the HSTS and pivot boom. As such we would need to use an individual multi-axis controller for ONLY those three axes. Unfortunately, what I'm hearing is that while we can use Cubic-S on the regular robot controller, Cubic-S apparently cannot be used on a separate multi-axis (non-robot) controller. I'm not sure why it can't, and quite frankly I'm questioning that which is why I'm posting here. This leaves us in a position where Cubic-S can be used to monitor the robot itself, but not the external axes that we will have in the system. I'm trying to make sure that is in fact the case, and/or if there is a workaround for this whereby I can still use Cubic-S instead of setting up a whole separate safety PLC and such for those three additional axes. Does that make better sense?

  • Sorry you've lost me a little.............:hmmm:

    Cubic S is not an independent safety monitoring device, it's dedicated to actual robot modelling.

    If the robot modelling does not contain the external axes, that it cannot be monitored for.

    (from my understanding).

    However, I have heard (I use that term loosely) that if external axes can contain DH parameters and use the same encoders as of the robot (specific to Kawasaki). then this can modelled into the controller and monitored.

    But as I say, I have heard of this, where I heard about it was from someone from KRI (Kawasaki Robotics Incorporated USA).

    As you are referring to an E32, I can assume you are based in the USA and would therefore recommend to contact them.

    Kawasaki do supply a muti axis controller which can be used to control multiple robots (48 axes I think) and can contain multiple Cubic S units associated with the 'individual robots' they can control.

    Toyota use them T81.

    Maybe this is also worth pursuing too with KRI.

    Would be interested though how this turns out.......sounds interesting...:top:

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