RO/RI question

  • I am currently interning at a company and working with a LR Mate 200iD robot for which the company has previously designed and produced a custom tool. The person who designed this tool has left the company a couple years ago and the company whishes to improve upon the tool. My taks is to make these improvements. To implement these improvements I need the fanuc system to output 4 signals to an external controller. The current design uses the EE12P to send signals to the same controller(port 7&8 with 12 as ground) and as it happens has 4 extra cables to the EE12 that are not being used that I Might be able to use for this purpose.

    I have checked the manual and it seems the EE12 only has 2 output ports 7&8 with the rest being either 24V sources, grounds or input ports(see attached image) but when using the controller it seems like there are 8 outputs/inputs when I navigate to the RO/RI page. Can the input ports be used as outputs with like with other I/O ports? Or are these wired differently so that they can only be used as inputs.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • HI

    Few weeks ago somebody ask a related question.

    Two challenges here

    The challenge 1 is the Fanuc connections. Have you followed the harness from the EE inside the cabinet ? Are you willing to troubleshoot those wires, find out which ones are inputs/outputs/voltage, the cut them and redirect them.

    The challenge 2, even if you can do anything with the hardware, the robot software is designed for 8 RO, there is no RO 9

    The only solution that I see here is to use the Honda CRMA58 if yo have one

    Retired but still helping

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I'd rather not change anything about the current wiring of ports as other tools might require them as they currently are and it might complicate other projects after I'm done. If it's not possible to change the inputs to outputs with the software I'll probably switch to using the I/O inside the cabinet as the controller for the tool is in a case right next to it. The only reason I wanted to use the RO was cause those wires were conveniently there and would save me the trouble of having to run aditional wires.

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