WorkVisual and KRC5 micro

  • Hello guys!

    Im experiencing a weird connection issue with workvisual, and I believe it could be a stupid config, but i have not been able to identify what is happening.

    So, I have a computer which is connected via ethernet cable to a router using fixed IP ( and the controller is connected to the router via KLI interface (XF5 port to be exact).

    When i have my laptop (Mac running windows in Parallels with the wifi setup to the same ip range as the controller), it will connect 100% of the time with the controller, never once have failed to find the controller.

    In comparison, the computer which is wired to the router, it has failed for over a month finding the controller, to suddenly find it for another month, and now has just stopped fiding completely.

    I have tried changing the IP address and have ensured to set the network as particular, and open ports on windows firewall (also tried to disable firewall), but I have not been able to connect to it since.

    Ping works perfectly, and I can also communicate with the controller using KukaVarProxy, but workvisual wont work...

    Any ideas of what i could try? I have set gateway address as router ip so i can set up network as private. Before this change it showed the same behaviour, not being able to connect.

  • AD
  • I would do process of elimination: when WV can't find the robot, try connecting directly, taking the router out of the equation entirely. If you still have issues, then the problem is most likely in the Mac and/or Parallels.

  • Yes, the funny thing is that the problem is not on the Mac/Parallels - it can find the controller with no issues over wifi, connected to the router.

    My issue is the Windows PC that is also connected to the router via cable...

  • Ah. Okay, I see I didn't read quite carefully enough. Well, POE remains the same -- eliminate each link in the chain, one at a time, and test. That should at least narrow down which link is the point of failure.

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