DCAL Error, out of ideas

  • RJ3 controller giving SRVO-043 DCAL alarm (G:1 A:1) and SRVO-043 DCAL alarm (G:1 A:2). Checked all my fuses and connections, fuses are good and all wires are in place snugly. Blew out all the fans to make sure it was cooling properly, measured the voltage and we are getting enough coming in. Changed out transformer, E-stop unit and servo amp one at a time and none of them made any improvement. I have seen people on here saying this alarm can be from aggressive movements in a program but it will trip even moving at 5% on T1.

    I also have tried swapping out teach pendant cable and the cable that connects to the robot and the one that connects to the weld Equipment. Nothing has made any difference. The machine isn't new, its made from the remnants of other robots gutted for spare parts for other machines.

    I am out of ideas, anyone have something else to check or swap out?

    Appreciate it

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  • This alarm appears to be due to regenerative discharge.

    You didn't mention checking the connections from the regenerative discharge resistor to the servo amp. The size and number of these resistors will vary with the arm model. I don't have an R-J3 electrical manual at my disposal but if you look in there under D SRVO-043 in the 3. TROUBLESHOOTING section it will tell you which connectors to check. To identify the regen resistors look for some metal heat sink fins that are NOT the servo amp. These likely will be located in the space that is cooled by the 200VAC fans that includes the servo amp heat sink.

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