CRX-10ia DCS Payload Errors

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm hoping to get some assistance with the current issue we are facing with our Fanuc CRX-10ia/L Cobots. We are continuously running into an issue where J2 will get over 100% on the payload monitor DCS screen and our robot will lock up since the forces on it are too high and we are unable to move the robot at all unless we power down the controller and power it back up. Usually as we jog the cobot around we will first get a warning stating "SYST-348 Payload Monitor (Force) Warning" and eventually it leads to a "SYST-328 Not move in STOP state" error. The crazy thing is that we have nothing attached to the robot faceplate at all. We also verified that our payload is 0 and all the center of mass/inertia data is set to 0 as well.

    My assumption is that the robot should be performing the auto self check every opportunity it gets, and if it passes, it resets all the force/payload sensor values to 0. What I've seemed to notice is that it isn't resetting itself or performing the auto self check consistently (even when the robot isn't moving) and I'm not sure if that is the root cause or a cause because of elevated forces on the robot. I can verify this through the variables that show the auto self check timer and how quickly it is performed.

    We have two of these Cobots and both are doing the exact same thing, so it's highly unlikely that its a mechanical fault with the robot but a more likely that it's a DCS setting itself. As far as our DCS setup goes, all we have configured is our Safety IO that has things like ESTOP linked to it. We don't have any safety zones or CPC zones set up as we won't have a need for that since all our robot plans to do is have a camera as the end of arm tool to take pictures.

    Also to note, our Force limits are set to the default 150N with a margin of error of 60N.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue and figured out a solution? I feel like it has to be something within our DCS settings but can't seem to find it.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

  • I would set the payload closer to what it actually is. In this case since you have no tool I would set the payload at 1 kg and see what happens. Since the default payload is set a 10 kg and the margin of error is 60 newtons you are outside of it and the robot will fault. The payload force warning it telling you that what you have entered in the payload does not match what robot is seeing. It doesn't necessarily mean that it is overloaded. Your stop state is happening because the payload is not correct.

  • My robot is doing the same thing. but I have set the payload to be correct

    it will run for a while then I have to reset the payload

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