TP resolution for HMI - ROBOGUIDE

  • Hello friends! ;)

    Does anyone know exactly the display resolution of the roboguide teach pendant? I create my HMI's in Sharepoint Designer, however, when I import to the guide, the functions don't match very well with what is seen in the HTML editor, I believe because they are in different resolutions.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Do you have access to the iPendant Customization Guide from Fanuc? Section 4.2.4 shows the resolution for the teach pendant screen. It depends on the controller version.

    r30-ib 632x367

    r30-ib plus 668x 501 (zoomed to fill the screen which is actually 1024x768)

    Even with the correct resolution, I have found that there is a difference between what you see in Sharepoint and what you see on the teach pendant.

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