IRC5 shutdown/startup problem

  • Hello all,

    Yesterday one customer explained me he has a problem in an old 4400/45 robot from 2006 (+/-) with IRC5.

    Every time he has to shut the robot down, he shut down the robot computer first following sequence:

    ABB >> Restart >> Advanced >> Shut down >> OK >> Shut down *1.

    *1 Names translated from Spanish, but you get the idea of the procedure he follows to shut the robot down.

    Till now, after following the shutdown sequence the flex pendant was kept powered on while trying to reconnect to the robot PC (unsuccessfully of course as the PC was shut down).

    A couple of weeks ago, the flex pendant display gets black just after the last "Shut down" button press in the previous sequence.

    After that, the customer must wait some time to be able to start the robot again. If he tries to start it immediately it simply does not start. If he starts the robot the next day everything works as usual, until he shuts the robot down again.

    Have any of you faced this issue? and if you have, how have you solved this?

    Thank you all in advance.

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  • SomeTekk I have asked the customer to send me 2 event logs, the normal one without deleting anything and then another one after emptying the log and trying to restart the robot as usual.

    Skooter I am afraid they have only one ABB robot in their factory, so it is not possible to try another computer by now.

    Thank you both.

  • Not sure why they have to do a shutdown thru the restart menu. Is it giving energy unit faults when they just turn off the disconnect? That goes back to suggested action by SomeTekk.

    Watch the hard drive LED when the disconnect is turned off, The hard drive LED should blink for 6-10 seconds after disconnect is turned off.

    Regarding the long wait to power back on - Is the Computer unit getting 24V but just not turning on? Is it trying to power on but fails? Need to have the door open and watch the Computer Unit LEDs.

  • Skooter I think years ago they had problems when batteries were almost worn out and they got used to shut the computer down following that method.

    In any case, I've got the logs today, and there is nothing there related to the issue.

    I asked also the customer to make a video of the computer leds when a normal start happens and also when a wrong start happens.

    As soon as I have both videos I will let you know.

    Thank you very much for your time and help.

  • The IRC5 controller uses stored energy in an 'energy bank' or 'ultra cap' (capacitors) to maintain voltage long enough for imaging. The S4C+ uses a 18-cell NiCad battery pack.

    Video of the LEDs at startup is a good idea. I would add yet another video of when power is removed without going thru the shutdown procedure.

    Is this a single or dual controller?

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