Fanuc CVIS-085

  • Hello all I have a fanuc robot that is running and every once in a while it will start getting CVIS-085 Camera Timeout alarms this is a fairly new robot and an even newer camera. we had an issue with the camera a few months ago where it got the CVIS timeout alarm that would not reset. it is currently resetting then running just fine the next cycle. but this is starting to happen more and more and im not sure what the reason would be was wondering if any one has came across this issue or if anyone would know why this is happening and how to fix it!

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  • We had the same error in the past. Fanuc support sent a document titled "CVIS-085 Counter measures". I would recommend asking Fanuc for that document.

    Some of the recommendations were to eliminate electrical noise. For example, install ferrite cores.

    There is also a system variable named $VISION_CFG.$ECCU_RETRY that you can set to 2, or 3. It will retry X number of times if there is a comm error.

  • I've had the same experience as jmd.

    Suspiciously, I've noticed this only happens with the newer controllers R-30ib+, not on the R-30ib. That leads be to believe they have a flaw with the newer system.

  • Thank you both very much! this is a R-30IB+ so you might be on to something there i will reach out to fanuc and try to get those documents!

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