sending xml files using Server/Client TCP socket.

  • Hello everyone,

    In my works I want to send XML files throw a TCP/IP connection (ETHERNET cable) from my pc as a severe to my KRC 4 as a client (robot KUKA KR-16-2).

    I'm working on a python program that suppose to send XML file to the KUKA controller robot using Server/Client TCP socket.

    But the problem is I have to send my XML file always like a bytes (image1). So can the kuka controller understand that the information received is an XML file and used in a KRL code ?

    In my XML file I want to send the variation of an analogic signal (angular variation of a joystick) so the value inside the XML file need to be updated every time the angulation value of the joystick change, so it's possible to do that using Server/Client TCP socket?

    Thanks for help.

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