Arcmate 100iD weld start when moving

  • Hi

    I have to get the weld start when robot is moving. I have TPSi power sourve and arcmate 100id. Communication is with ethernet ip. No it seems that it waits command from fronius that arc is on and stable. But there are many cases where the robot can not stop for even 1ms when starting arc. Is there a way to make a flying start?

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  • Hi

    One part of my job is very difficult/impossible welding cases. Latest where I would needed this was thin stainless (1,25mm) where second part is deep drawed and second one is rolled. Rolled on is of course 1,25mm still, but deep drawed is much less because the drawing process. Joint is that deep drawed part bends little bit under the rolled but does not go along with the other part, it bends more. Is it then flare bevel groove in english?? I had to seek parameters to my customer where weld will go through properly and root interface with plates is smooth. And weld can not go through the drawed part at all. Boundary conditions comes from customer. These was because of corrosion. This job is already done but in this case start/end would be much nicer to do if I could handle it on the move.

    I would need this once a while when solving parameters to difficult welds. Next case is little tricky aluminum where I would need this in the weld ends. So that I can do movement when power source is doing ending job or ending slopes. If I can't make the weld end with movement it is impossibly to achieve perfect weld end in this next case. Fanuc Nordic in Finland could not give me the answer. At least not yet. And because these cases are not my own products I can not say to the customer redesign your product.

  • Hi Jiivee,

    first of all, the right way would be to adjust the welding parameters. But if you can't do this:

    - what i know is.. as long you use the Arc Start instruction- no chance to start on fly without arc established... what you could to is turn the Output for Weld enable manually on in your programm..

    - for scipping the craterfill program from your Weldcontroller - Set the Parameter $AWEPRC[n].$AE_CHK_DET to False...

    but allways have an ey on your quality.

  • Hi

    I can adjust welding parameters, but there are cases where robot is too long without movement and I will get a lot of better result with parameters+move. If I have undertood correctly Fanuc is waiting "arc stable" from Fronius and after this starts moving. If I put start parameters(time) it will do this without movement same as ending parameters. One good welding case example is car exhaust pipe. Thickness 1,25mm and customers boundary conditions was that there must be penetration and it is not allowed that weld go through the inner pipe. So there 1,25mm space where you should hit the weld penetration. Weld is easy but start and end is difficult.

    Thanks a lot for your advice. I will try these.

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