Can I use my ES200 with XRC external signal to go to the next line.

  • Hey guys, so my company picked up some cheap old ES200's with XRC 2001 controllers. They work fine for what we want to use them for. What I am wondering is if I have a rotating platform with a electronic trip dog on it, is there any way to input the signal from that trip dog to the controller? And then to make the controller wait for that signal before moving to the next programmed position? And what code would I need to input into the program to make it do so?


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  • I don't know about your device is connected on the robot, if it have digital signal, you can connect to the robot external input, for example you connect it to input 1 in robot, now you can use WAIT instruction.

    MOVL VJ=10

    MOVL VJ=10

    WAIT IN#(1)=ON // waiting to device signal come

    MOVL VJ=10

    When program receive to WAIT line stay to IN#1 come and after that go to next line.

  • Sorry guys, when I posted this question it had been an extremely busy time at work and I had forgotten I posted it. TSGIR, what board do I connect the external input of the trip dog to? I have looked up the diagrams and I believe I ether found the CN10 connector or the CN11. Unless I am wrong.

  • About this diagram, you can use CN10, connect your sensor to B1, it is input 01.

    After this connection, you can use IN(1) in your program.

    Thanks TSGIR and what about the 0vDC side of it. I checked with a multimeter and the CN10 B1 post has 24vDC output. If that makes sense.

  • The B1 is input, if your card is PNP, when you give 24v to this input, it will active in the inputs list. If the card is NPN, when you give 024v, the input will be active in the robot.

    If you check this notice and understand what type it is, you must use same sensor.

    If your input trig with 24v, you must use PNP sensor and if your input trig with 024v, you must use NPN sensor.

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