Profinet I/O

  • Hello Gents,

    I am working a Fanuc system Controller R-iB30 + and I am setting up a docking system. When I don't have a device attached I get the error code PRIO-620 for the docking modules that are missing. so I went to:

    Menu>>Setup>>Profinet>>F3(other)>>Config, Highlighted the deactivated device>>F2(detail) and line 2 show error when deactivated : set it to OFF and did a power cycle.

    When the controller power back up the show error when deactivated is set to on again. How can I prevent this?

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  • Thank you for your answer R47,

    That is true and I had forgotten that, but the devices still show up as deactivated if the robot is restarted. The plan is to put in the main program for each EOAT the PNIO ATTCH command so we don't run without a tool attached. The customer doesn't want there maintenance people to have to worry about activating or deactivating a device or trying to find out which device should be.

    So if anyone knows of a variable that has the this menu protected or any other reason that I can't change the show error when deactivated off, please let me know

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