• Hello everyone! ^^

    I'm new to the fanuc vision system. I need to use a 2d camera to identify the number of pieces on a pallet. I have already created the frame and performed all the system calibration. But the function ---VISION RUN_FIND '...'--- apparently identifies only 1 piece in the photo taken. I believe that the function ---GET_NFOUND--- would work well to perform the count, but I wasn't successful either ;( Could someone please help me?

    Thank you very much in advance. ;)

  • Fabian Munoz

    I want my camera to tell the robot the exact number of parts that have been found. In vision setup I don't find this option of quantity of parts.

  • Fabian Munoz

    Thank you very much, it really helped me. My vision setup was in "simple mode", so I couldn't find the quantity option.

    Later on, I will possibly need to use 3d vision system, also in roboguide. I've already done a brief research on the subject, but I haven't found many current things that can help me. When doubts arise, I will definitely post something here.

    Thank you again.

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