Fanuc robot lr mate 100i SRVO-162 Alarm

  • A time ago I got a old fanuc robot lr mate 100i, now I wanted to start working with it. I was able to eliminate all errors, except the "SRVO-162 Deadman/Fence or Panel/Exte" Alarm isn´t going away.

    I was searching on the Internet for quite a while now, but with no success.

    On the robot controller there is a cable with a plug, I think that I should make a bridge between two pins but I don´t have a pinout, so I have no clue which two pins I can short together.

    My next thought was to reset the entire robot to the factorry settings, but I wasn´t able to perform a reset.

    So please tell me, your suggestions in order to get my robot working.

    Thank you for your help.

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