TPS500i/YRC1000 Wire Retraction Error During Clipping Program

  • Youtube<<<Link to issue at hand, copy and paste link into youtube if it doesn't work.


    I've just recently run into this issue where my torch retracts wire during and after clipping. The issue results in an insufficient length of wire for touchsensing. This happens only in play mode, not in teach mode. The program sends an output to inch out wire for a duration of 1 second before entering the cutter. There is no output to retract wire at any point in the program. There is a light that illuminates the inside of the torch body where the drive rolls are located. That light turns on whenever it feeds or retracts wire. I can visually see the light turning on, and the drive rolls spin backward.

    After reviewing programming, Yaskawa Tech Support is leaning towards Fronius being the issue. I've unplugged most of the connections and inspected them for any shorts or abnormalities. None of which I could see being of concern. I've tried slowing down the speeds of the torch while in the clipping section. As well as increased and decreased timers for outputs. None of which made a difference in the actual issue of the wire retracting. I'm also in contact as well with Fronius tech support, and yet to have come up with a solution.

    I'm relatively new at the programming side, and of basic knowledge of programming language. If anyone has suggestions, please break it down for a guy. Thanks

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  • The setting in the Fronius power source you are referring to is called "welding parameter interface setup." It is either set internally or externally. Ours is set externally where we are able to adjust arc start and end files on the teach pendant.

  • While that is a setting, that is not the setting I am referring to.

    Are you setting the welding parameters from the robot pendant or setting up “jobs” in the power source and calling those jobs from the pendant?

  • Depending on what Arcset youre ending on, you could be changing weld schedules and have some setting buried in the Fronius messing with your inching speed. Do you go through all your arc files and change the inching speed as needed?

  • Typically no, but I've changed most of my inching speeds to the lowest possible setting to give me better arc ignition when I begin a weld.

  • I believe that there are two separate parameters for that. Inching speed is used when manual feeding from the pendant and DOUT / Pulsing the output from the pendant. For arc ignition, typically you have something called “run in”. If I had a Fronius machine in front of me I would look for you.

    Also, make sure your clip job is actually pulsing the feed output and not the retract.

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