Robot KUKA K C2 - back up

  • Hello, I am having problems with a Kuka K C2 robot.

    When backing up the software and resetting the system, data is lost. Someone could help me?

    Thank you so much!

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  • Sorry,

    Robot: welding KR150 S2000, KR C2 V4.1.7 SP08 HF1.

    GUI version: V3.3.79 B317

    Basic system: KS V4.97HF1

    Drivers: KSD1-16, KSD1-48

    The robot was working ok, the client made a backup and it stopped working. After testing, I noticed that when backing up information was lost. Attached the sequence in which the client made the backup

    Thank you!

  • Ok. Your Backup is an Archive but I still do not get it. Data is lost when creating the archive or when restoring the data? You only speak of lost data. What data precisly? How to reproduce your error? How do you know data is lost?

    Any messages? Maybe a screenshot before and after might be useful.

    What do you mean by stopped working. Controller does not boot, programs defect, ...?

    Try to be much more precise. For now we only know somebody did something related to archives lost some data and now something stopped working. This is mostly useless information .


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