Kuka IIWA Robot State error

  • Dear All,

    I received the following error after I moved the robot arm to a planned position but it returned to zero position quickly. After the jerk, I re-run my program but the robot arm stopped after 1-2 seconds.

    Bus interface error of Thin4MAdapter.BusIF

    <ECAT-CARLBUS> Ethercat bus error. OP:OK ERR:SL

    At least one fireware version or embedded hardware version could not be read or its format is invalid.

    Couldn't read the type label.

    In the T1 mode, I am not able to ummaster/master the joints as well. I am new to Kuka arms, so any ideas/suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  • AD
  • Looks like it relates etherCAT devices.

    Can you run the robot with the other projects not using etherCAT device?

    If you can, then problem might be in process in communicating etherCAT devices.

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