Why is my VR[1].Found_Pos[2] Blank?

  • Hi everyone,

    I've got an issue where my vision process is picking up the 4 items it should be, but my VR[1].Found_Pos[2] is blank (and so it Found_Pos[3] and Found_Pos[4]). Should it not be showing me the all 4 items found? I need a way to get the position of all 4 so I can send them to the PLC. Vision process attached.

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  • Here is my understanding:

    A VR stores the data for a single workpiece at a time.

    The value of Found Pos 1 stores the result for Camera View 1, Found Pos 2 stores the result for Camera View 2, etc. You are using 1 Camera View, so the other Found Pos fields should be blank.

    You would need to call GET_OFFSET again. Then you would see the location of 2nd part that was found in Found Pos 1.

    From the manual:

    "GET_OFFSET stores the vision offset for a workpiece in a vision register. When the vision process

    finds more than one workpiece, GET_OFFSET should be called repeatedly."

    A typical workflow is to use GET_NFOUND to find out how many workpieces were found. Then create a FOR loop and call GET_OFFSET for each workpiece.

  • Ahh, that makes sense, thank you!

    Now here's where I think it gets a little more complicated. This is a line tracking setup, so VR[1] gets populated from the queue when called. I don't believe I can pull the offset data I want at that point, correct? So I could need to pull it during the original image capture and get the offsets then? Then also pull 4 VRs when I do my GETQ?

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