D series ethernet initialization failure

  • I am a student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA.

    At KSU, we have 4 ZZX130L robots with D-series controllers that were donated 12 years ago and have been running since.

    They all have Ethernet/IP fieldbus option cards installed

    No one at the university has tried to use them.

    I am facing an issue where I got communication going on two of the robots, but the third won't go. (I don't have/need access to the 4th)

    Specifically, when booting up, the teach pendant reads out: Initializing device: 'Ethernet'... False(0). And I can not access Aux. Function Menu 608 no matter what access level I am in.

    As for indicator lights on the card, light #2 is blinking green and no others are on except for the watchdog which is blinking green about twice as fast.

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