iRvision System Variables?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm running a single-view visual tracking process that finds 4 objects on a conveyor, then all will be picked at once. I'm sending the X and Y of those 4 objects to the PLC from VR[1].Found_Pos[n] (via a PR sent to a GO). The PLC will average my X values to determine where the best fit for the row is, and do a similar function with the Y values to determine the best Y offset. This part is all fine, and I get the correct values back from the PLC. But my VR[1] that is being picked has very different values for the .Offset compared the the .Found_Pos. This is because my vision jobs have a pretty large offset in the Reference Data for X and Y. I could get away with hard coding the values in for that reference, but if anyone else touches the job and changes the reference, the system will no longer pick correctly unless they know to change the hard coded part. What I would like to do is just pull the reference data numbers from a system variables somewhere, but I haven't had any luck finding them. Anyone know where they are, or have a better suggestion? Thanks!

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  • Yes, doing exactly that. Vision finds parts, part locations are sent to the PLC, the PLC does some math (see if all are present, or which are missing or out of place) and sends back a correct pick location to the robot.

  • Devon

    I would love to see how you send position to the PLC. ?

    Let's say you take a shot and the vision finds 5 parts. Part #1,#2........

    How or which information you send to PLC. Where do you read Part #1 ,x,y,rot ?

    I understand you use GO. We will use Explicit messaging but that's not the point. I'm interested to know how from the PLC you tell the robot: Pick part #3

    What I really need to know is how do you read each location on the vision log ?

    Maybe you can post the program, that will be a good help

    This is an example of the system that we are integrating

    Retired but still helping

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