How to calculate Robot TCP using 4 points?

  • Hi to everyone,

    I just want to know how to calculate robot TCP using 4 points. By using which formula or method we can calculate robot tcp??
    pls share if any document is available.

    Thanks in Advance..

  • Hi

    Sorry to ask ( i don't know how much you know) but the robot software will calculate it for you.

    Do yo want to know the formulas the software uses ? Where would you like to apply your formula ?

    My total guess is that (geometrically speaking). You can define 3 spheres were the center point is one of the 3 points you taught and then find the intersection. The four point will be use to find a line (defined by the intersection and the fourth point. the result will be a direction of your tool

    Retired but still helping

  • Hi

    You missed this part on your initial question " by using sensors."

    Now, I understand what you want. I've done that (with sensors) but I think it all depends on the shape of you tool.

    Do you have a particular tool shape ? What's the application ?

    I've done but it was for a particular application. Waterjet nozzle

    Retired but still helping

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