• In my day job, I'm responsible for programming and support of paint and part loading robots. Integrators have always handled the install. For a side business, I have picked up a refurbished LR Mate 200iD. The LR mate came equipped with an A20B-1009-0690 that appears to be interfaced with the CRMA 15/16 slots of the main board. If I understand correctly, this afford some I/O outside the standard robot IR on the aux port of the arm. However, I can't find any documentation on this board for pinout schematic. I have an electro gripper with 4 pins: 24vdc, common, Open, Closed.

    I've found a few things on the CRMA 15/16 schematic, but not how it translates to this board. This board has 8 rows of 11 pins (push release). But I can't seem to find a schematic showing where each pin maps back to the CRMA slots. Thank you for any help you can provide as we fill in gaps I normally lean on integrators for. It is a fun journey. But I find out something new every day that I didn't know I didn't know.

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  • Greetings,

    I've used this transfer card before. I don't remember what kind of connection I made. But if I'm not mistaken, the robot model is the "R-30IB Mate". I came to the conclusion by doing some research in his documents. The document information needs to be "B-83525EN_03".

  • Thanks for the response byrol . Sorry for the delay in responding. This issue is still unresolved. I've worked with RobotWorx (where we purchased the device) as well as Fanuc support. I must say that the support is lacking. Based on a combination of information from both sources, that the 24vdc power on the digital IO was not sufficient for the gripper. Therefore, to supply my own power, I would apply external 24vdc to the DOSRC2 on the TBCV4 (Pin 2 of the phoenix contact on the converter board) and external ground/0 to the 0vdc on the TBCV4 (Pin 3). This worked with a very low power 12vdc power supply (I'm cautious of smoking something important). When the Output was turned on via the TP, I was able to read 12vdc between the output and 0v on the TBCV4. But when we replaced the power supply with the correct device, the power supply tripped and shut down because it read a short between DOSRC2 and 0V. I'm at a loss at this point. I threw a little hissy fit and told them to quote the Advanced EIP so I could just move the IO to my Compactlogix. After a quote of $3750, I think I'll give it another go. Thoughts?

    Below is what I submitted to Fanuc support prior to trying, suggesting what I was about to try. Their response was "My answer is that yes to the extent that your device must also meet the power requirements of our outputs."

  • A couple options you could try.

    1. Don't connect your external supply to the Fanuc IO at all. Only use it for 24 and GND on the schunk. For gripper open close just use the robot DO powered from the internal Fanuc supply.

    2. Same as 1 but put a relay in between the robot DO and Schunk open/close and use the external to power the signal open/close.

    Option 2 is a little safer bet.

  • Unfortunately, I can't read 24v from any of the outputs no matter what I have tried. When I lay a meter on Fanuc IO 0v and the output, actuating the output does not show 24v on the meter. Am I missing how Fanuc IO is supposed to work? Is there a different direction I should try?

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