MOTN-049 Error Fanuc

  • Hey guys,

    I have a problem with Fanuc robot. I got MOTN-049 error. I did mastering, calibration. I check every forum and documentation. It is still not working. I can move with robot, but if I want to go FWD in job, I get this error again and again.

    Calibration and DCS is fine.

    Thank you for your answers,


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  • I set robot to zero position and did zero position mastering.

    Then I did calibration. Positions of axes were on zero.

    Then I was ask for DCS, I entered DCS, after asked pending I turn off/on robot controller.

    I can move with robot, but if I tried start job, error shows up again.

    Mr. Munoz unfortunately I can be with robot the following Monday. Then I can send you images.

    Thank you guys.

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