HELP! YRC1000, DX200 laser sensor and tcp issues

  • Hi,

    Did you do the tool calibration and laser calibration by yourselves?

    For a good working of laser tracking, the correct tool data needs, therefore in first step check the tool data and if it need calibration again.

    After that you must calibration the robot and laser, with this calibration the tool frame of laser and robot will be same.

    There are a job for automatic calibration in the robot ( i think the Scansonic gave to you), before use this job you must have a plate for calibration (explained in the laser manual), for calibration by plate, you must move the robot by instruction explained in the manual and set this positions in the automatic robot, after set positions you must start robot, robot automatically turn ON/OFF laser and move according to positions that set.

    After running the job, the robot and laser will calibrate and you can see the accuracy of the calibration in the pendant.

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