Srvo-230 Chain 1 abnormal 4,4

  • Hello there, i can say i'm relatively new about working with a Fanuc robot, but usually, I can troubleshoot by myself. But there is a nasty error that happened on the shift before me that even gave trouble to someone with experience.

    i doubt the robot model matters, and its more the teach pendant that does, however, i do not know which model it is, and the model sticker on the back is barely readable. If i try to decipher it, the type line looks like A05B-2518-C304 and has a MHE2 membrane keyboard, if it helps any.

    The error code itself that gave trouble on the previous shift is the subject, SRVO-230 chain 1 abnormal 4,4. The error appeared when they tried to put the robot in manual control. They did try to reset it in the alarm history menu to reset it, did not work. They had to power cycle the robot to get it working again. And they told me to try and not use manual control because of that.

    What would be the cause of this alarm?

    Any help would be appreciated in the case it happens to me, for the robot is essential for my production line.

    Thanks in advance!

    Edited 2 times, last by ravenfury2: Managed to read the type of teach pendant ().

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  • According to manual: "A failure occurred in chain 1 (+24V) of emergency stop circuit."

    Sometimes it happens itself (eg. when releasing and pressing many times Deadman swich), but if this happens more often, the most probabbly some hardware is broken, such as: Deadman switch, E-Stop button (TP or operator's panel), sometimes operator panel board, etc.

  • Thanks, ill relay that information where it is needed. My assumption from the fact it happened when going into manual mode means its probably the deadman switches having hardware issues.


    Edited 2 times, last by ravenfury2: Found out that RJ3 that i kept seeing is the controller model. And that the teach pendant type is the model of the TP. We have a RJ-3iC controller where I work. ().

  • I get these alarms quite often on older, R-J3 controls. Most of the time they are easily resettable just by pushing and releasing the pendant ESTOP button and issuing a reset, but sometimes we have to go into the system configuration menu (line 29, I think) to get it to clear.

    Basically, the dual chains of the ESTOP circuitry are not opening and/or closing within the expected timeframe. It can (and in our case, does) happen for no apparent reason. I have even been able to generate this alarm by turning the AUTO/T1/T2 key switch too slowly or feathering the dead man switch while in teach mode. You could try rewiring your ESTOP circuitry and replacing buttons or switches, but my experience is that some controllers are just a little more susceptible to chain failure than others for whatever reason. There are 2 or 3 different ways to reset a chain fault, and I would recommend teaching them all to whoever is responsible for keeping the robot running.

  • Well happens that one of the deadman switch got busted. A new pair of deadman switch already been ordered to replace the faulty one. It was one of my guesses after learning of the alarm's code significance and adding it to the situation on when it was happening. Maintenance immediately went for a check up when they arrived the next morning to find out that my guess was right.

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