Can i adjust the KLR code in the KRC2 from a HMI through a PLC

  • Im currently doing research into if it is possible to adjust the KLR code with a HMI.

    The idea is that I am going to use a toolsetter to measure the lenght of a cnc mill bit inside the mill attatched to the robot. However I need to first fill in the rough estimated lenght in the HMI and after that the robot will go to that hight above the toolsetter with a extra few inches above it. Then it will move down until it hits the toolsetter and adjusts the actual lenght in the code to the measured lenght. My question now is if it is possible to load this data into the robot KLR code through a HMI and through a siemens PLC to the KR2C.

    Thankyou in advance for your effort!

  • you can write interrupt search routine to measure actual tool length. you would not use plc to edit KRL code, you would only pass value(s) that get stored in variable(s). communication with Siemens PLC would normally be done through ProfiBus or ProfiNet. either way you would need to have related hardware and configuration in both PLC and KRC.

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  • To be clear here, do you have an already working robot as a milling machine and you want to ad additional functionality to it? Or are you trying to figure out how to build the complete system from scratch?

    Because if you already have a working set-up you only have to add to that and that is a lot easier to explain. if so be specific with what components you have installed, and not just KRC2, but also with what KSS (software version) and what I/O options that are installed. Same on the PLC side.

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  • im sorry, we allready have a working milling machine but we want to add a toolsetter that measures the lenght and adjusts the lenght in the database of the mills automatically so only KLR code has to be writen for this function. However i have no experience in this so im a little bit lost at the moment. Currently have this as a flowchart for the program I have in mind.

  • Oke, good to know. so you already have a PLC communicating with robot then? That should be your first point of research to find out how that works and which protocol that is using. after that you can look at the software.

    But to comment on your flowchart i would use a interrupt function as panic mode described. than you can move down with a set speed, and the interrupt will cancel motion and record position when the switch is hit.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • Yess were currently using a Unistream PLC (might become a Siemens s1200 dc/dc/dc at some point) and a weintek HMI with profibus communication between them.

    Good idea i adjusted it in my flowchart, Do you by any chance have any example codes I have yet to find anything that compares, thank you in advance.

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