Wire arcs and burns jig when running fanuc arc mate torchmate tcp

  • Diedrich klassen

    Changed the title of the thread from “Wire arcs and burns jig when running torchmate tcp” to “Wire arcs and burns jig when running fanuc arc mate torchmate tcp”.
  • Hi Diedrich,

    what do you mean. Do you mean Arc Enable/Disable? Thats $AWEPOR[n].$ARC_ENABLE .... when this ist true the Robot doesn't establish a Arc.

    Maybe are looking for $AWEPOR[n].$ARC_DET_ON... i've never worked with that and i have no idea how you could use it.


  • How do i go about checking the weld controller? When running a weld it is no longer welding according to the set weld schedule, i can set wire ipm from 300-600 but same result on the weld, same with the trim.

  • Torchmate is a program that comes with the controller as an option.

    It is not that helpful unless you have a major crash of some sort.

    Should not be enough voltage to burn the plate. Are you calling it from your program list?

  • Thank you for your reply’s.

    We have not had a crash, however we moved the machine to a different area in the shop, after installation i wanted to run tcp to make sure everything was running well and then the wire burned the fixture but it still positioned itself at the center point although with an alarm of sensor fail, i could not figure out why but since it was still in the center position and had parts to run i ran the parts but the welds where cold and small, as if the weld controller was not obeying the set weld schedule. It welds exactly the same regardless of the set wire ipm or trim. Sorry for not doing a better job explaining the situation.

  • Check wiring. Maybe you switch Touch Sensing and Weld Start signals.

    Also check MENU -> Setup -> Torch Mate.

    There are Search Settings:

    - Input signal for touch sensing input from power source

    - Output signal for activating touch sensing on power source

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