Robotic stockmarket

  • Hello!

    Im looking to invest in stocks in a robotics company. I dont got much knowledge about the market or companies but i have always found Boston Dynamics interesting, which is now part of Hyubdai and softbank.

    Do u guys have any good advice or any good articles on the market of robotics and what is actually profitable either short term or in the long run? Boston dynamics doesnt seem to be profitable right now for example but might get a leading position with hyundai coming in with cash i figured. Any advices?


  • Investing is always associated with risk, so it is important to carefully select the object of investment. The most common mistake that beginners make when investing is that they do not study the object of investment. Mindless investment will definitely be unprofitable. So I recommend you to read forex trading websites which will help you learn more about how the stock market works. Knowing how it works, you can secure your money.

  • Some of them can outperform most of the market yes, but most of them will not.
    It is also an option to buy robotics oriented ETFs (Exchange traded fund, basically a big collection of stocks from various companies.).

    This way you can diversify your portfolio. This way you probably loose record losses, but record wins too.

    Here's an article I found about relevant ETFs. On the issuer platform you can investigate which companies are part of the collection and in what percentage.

    The best Robotics ETFs | justETF
    Which Robotics ETF is the best? The annual total expense ratio, performance and all other information about Robotics ETFs.

    I'm not an investment advisor though. This is my approach on investing.

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