Upload from robot - missing something

  • >VERY< raw beginner here... want to upload from actual controller but cant find robot.

    Roboguide v9.4 rev U, running as Admin

    set up robot in robot neighborhood, "Greer" shows "Real Robot", correct IP address, home page connects and shows actual robot status.

    Robot is an M-410c-315

    set up workstation in Roboguide, right click controller, run "Serialize Robot"


    File>Upload (intending to duplicate actual running cell)

    Prompts "upload from": picked "Networked Robot"

    Prompt "Browse Path": picked IP used by robot in Robot Neighborhood

    Responds: Robot "actual IP address" Not Alive or Found

    Firefox browser finds it, ping finds it, network neighborhood finds it. What am I missing?

    OR is this a Luke Skywalker moment "Literally everything you just said is wrong"

  • Hi

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    If it was me, I would do a all-of-above backup . Put it on a usb stick an serialize from there

    Once is set, do the Robot Neighborhood set up and see if it works

    Maybe doing that gives you some clues on the problem

    Retired but still helping

  • While you can do a connection to a robot to pull and push programs from RoboGuide, better practice is to get familiar with the teach pendant and learn to do a backup that way. Also, once you've modified a program in RoboGuide (or created a new one) save only that program to the USB stick and load that into the robot. If it's an existing program, you will be prompted to overwrite the existing program. File manipulation in the Fanuc pendant is a little wonky in my opinion.

    Another option is to use a program like CoreFTP to backup the robot. Nice part about CoreFTP (and others) is you automatically get the .LS files that can be opened in a text editor. CoreFTP can be used to load programs into the robot too. Nice tool to have if your robot is on a network.

    -Note: .LS files can be obtained by doing a COPY instead of a backup, but a Copy isn't as straight forward as a backup. I can send you instructions if you're in need.

    .LS files can be modified in a text editor, but cannot be loaded back into newer robots unless you have the ASCII option. RoboGuide can convert an .LS to a .TP (Teach Pendant) file also.

    Do yourself a favor and spend as much time on a real pendant as possible. RoboGuide is great and all, but nothing beats time with a pendant.



    It's always the robots fault, just ask management!

    Robots are always the solution, just ask management!

  • Finished the "Electrical Maintenance for R-30iB controllers" a couple weeks ago, management has now decided that I am the plant's robot "expert". Asked for the programming course next, "we just sent you to a class". Difficulty factor - management keeps the pendant inside the robot cage so I must stop production to even see it. Anyway, thats why I am trying to thrash my way through setting up roboguide. Management (very) reluctantly agrees to buy a license if I can demonstrate why I would need it.

    Tried all the suggestions offered, finally got the the roboguide controller set up from a full backup but it still will not recognize the physical controller. Robot neighborhood still sees it, browser still works reading the robot,

    From Home Page i can run "PC iPendant" (sort of). That never gets past "initializing iPendant Please stand by", throws a "RPC_MAIN port 3002, unable to connect" fault but it loads far enough that I can see the program names as they are called (but not executed).

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