Real-time Path Correction doesnt restart after Error (MH-50; Dx100)

  • Hi

    I have a Motoman MH-50 with a dx100 controller for a Laser-Cutting-Application. I am using the Real-time path correction (ACORON) with a capacitiv sensor to regulate the distance frome the workpiece to the cutting nozzle. In the "Sensor condition file" you can choose between 3 Motion conditions to determine the behavior in the event of an error.

    "0" stops the robot and shows an alarm - that works as it should.

    "1" and "2" should restart the the path correction when the end of the step is detected in the distance monitoring. Here is my problem. Once an error is detected he moves on to the taught steps. the only way to restart the correction, is to insert "acorof" and then "acoron" again.

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  • Your question is neither wrong nor simple.

    It may be that very few people have done the same work as you, and they rarely come here.

    You must wait, if anyone know about your question, help you.

    If your problem is very urgently, contact Yaskawa for it.

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