Using DCS collision input as a skip condition while performing a search for parts

  • Hey guys, looking to see if there's an instruction or some line of code that exists to use the Robots own collision guarding to search for a stack of parts. I know I can add a sensor input to the end of my tooling and use that as a search condition but I am trying to see if there's another way as I don't exactly have time to add an input, and I would have to add this sensor to multiple end of arm tools. My thinking is have a position above my stack of parts, have a skip condition line of code, then very slowly move to the position taught at the bottom of the stack of parts essentially searching for anything in between the two positions. When the robot collisions on top of the stack of parts, record this position and begin de stacking from there. I would need to disable the robot from faulting or force it to reset the fault after the initial collision.

    I know I can disable the collision guarding, is there a way to maybe monitor a motors torque in code and use that as a stop condition as soon as it begins to increase slightly ?

    I used to be an integrator 10 or so years ago and I vaguely remember doing this exact similar situation with code that I am referring too, on a job with a smaller robot, but I cant for the life of me remember what that instruction looked like or how I did it.

    I am using an M-410iC with the R30iB controller.

    Is this possible ?

    Thanks for any and all input.

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