KRC2sr starting issue

  • Hi,

    The system we have:

    Robot: KUKA KR 5 sixx R850 WP

    Controller: KUKA KR C2sr

    KRC software: V7.0.12

    So the problem is that when we try to start the robot, it starts to load KUKA_HMI but stops at 10% and shuts down. In KUKA Cross-3 window the only error seems to be Library "FTP" not loaded (LoadDLL =0). Do you know how could we solve that?

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  • Restore from your last working backup or reinstall from scratch. I think usually this only happens if something gets corrupted and VxWorks can not start.

    What were your last modifications and actions on this machine?


  • vxworks can not access the hard drive directly. Up to KSS V5.6 FTP were used.

    Starting with KSS V7.0 CIFS is used.

    In KUKA Cross-3 window the only error seems to be Library "FTP" not loaded (LoadDLL =0)

    So you can ignore the Cross3 Error.

    check here post #25 and #26

    (the target password for kss V7 differs)

  • This robot has been unused and not working for like couple of years so I think we don`t have any working backups. If I remember right I tried to load there some image file I found in company`s cloud service in May or June but that didn`t help. Maybe the image file wasn`t correct for this robot.

  • We also changed the CMOS battery so the date and time are right now but I don`t know if it has anything to do with this.

  • Thanks for your advice, I checked the post you mentioned. The window didn`t seem just like that but I was able to give more access rights to some user groups. Unfortunately that didn`t solve the problem.

    I found some other thread about this topic and contacted KUKA support also. I think the issue is about hardware now, maybe MFC card is damaged :/

  • Incase you're still troubleshooting; I tried reinstalling Kuka software and that did not work. I completely restored Windows and then installed Kuka software and that solved the issue. Then restored an archive.

  • No I didn`t get it working and I was told to forget it because it was taking too much time and it was meant to be for educational use only. I will try it your way later when I don`t have other things to do so thanks for sharing this.

  • There is one quick thing you can check:

    Starting with KSS V7 CIFS (Common Internet File System) is used.

    CIFS requires Active Directory. If "simple file sharing" is set then CIFS will not work

    In a first step check whether "simple file sharing" is selected

    Select Control Panel -> File Options -> View

    If enabled disable "Use simple file sharing" and press "apply".Now it should work

    (If not you may have to reboot the computer)

    You may test this by selection of

    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Shared Folders -> Shares

    depending when you started this screen you may have to refresh the display by selecting roboter (as marked). Right mouse click and select refresh

    If still not working you should check hardware

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