IRC 5 ProfiBus GSD instalation

  • Hello,

    i want to connect IRC5 Profibus anybus (Master) with PLC Beckhoff CX9020 EL6731-0010 (Slave). So far i got problem with .GSD file. I downloaded GSD file for EL6731 and i don't know how to install it on IRC5. When i am trying transfer files via FTP, then transfer error occuried. I tried to do it also in Robot Studio, but i dont know how. Can somebody tell me how to instal EL6731 GSD file on IRC5 ?
    Contact with my local ABB Support is hard...

    Thanks in advance.

    Dawid Firlej

  • AD
  • Ohhh i am newbie in industrial protocols, its my first project connected with that... Anyway thx for help ;)

    Is it possible to send to IRC5, REAL data type as words via ProfibusDP?
    Maybe some libraries ? I want to use them as corrections for critical positions and wobj coordinates.

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